Before the Con Man Comes Knocking

Before the Con Man Comes Knocking

If wealth advisers are so committed to "preservation of capital," why don't we spend more time protecting our clients from financial predators and teaching them security techniques? Hackers, identity thieves … Continue Reading →


Excerpt from Goddesses and Doormats

During business school, Gordie was always scribbling in a spiral-bound journal with the word, “Players,” inked in the upper right corner. He carried it around both years and jotted notes … Continue Reading →


Last of the Mohegans

Yesterday, I spoke on an author/journalist panel at Mohegan Sun with Pete Hamill, David Handler, and Peter Prichard. Many thanks to The Big Book Getaway and the Mark Twain House & … Continue Reading →

The Art of Badmouthing the Competiion - Wall Street Journal

The Art of Badmouthing the Competition

The big banks' wealth management units had a terrific year in 2013. Money in fee accounts ballooned as the S&P 500 rose nearly 30%. Profits ballooned, too. It was all … Continue Reading →

Vonnegut in Stockings

Did I Go Too Far This Time?

Mary: “Nobody says ‘pantyhose’ anymore.” Me: “Then what do they say?” So began my education into the differences between stockings, leggings, and tights. When Mary and I were walking though … Continue Reading →