phone scam

Audio Recording of Elder Fraud


Wonder how elder fraud starts? Yesterday and again today, the “IRS” left a dire message on our home phone, threatening to arrest us. The caller warned : “Now, if you don’t return the call, then the only thing that I can do is…wish you good luck.”

FINRA Arbitration

Should Fiduciary Advisers Swear Off Mandatory Arbitration?


The vibe is celebratory. There are coffee, doughnuts and croissants on the side table, smiles all around the conference room. On behalf of your team, which could be inside a brokerage firm or a registered investment adviser, you push paperwork across the table to open an advisory account. Smiling, your soon-to-be client pulls out a pen and scans one of the forms. But he hesitates, and his brow furrows…

Investment Adviser Fiduciary Responsibility

An Inconvenient Observation About Fiduciaries


An obligation to put clients’ interests first doesn’t guarantee that financial advisers will do the right thing

Years ago, my team left a large brokerage firm for the greener pastures of a fee-only registered investment adviser. While soliciting a client to follow, I explained that RIAs are fiduciaries, obligated to put the interests of their clients first.

"Glittery thrillers about fiscal malfeasance... his own improbably sexy genre."
~ Janet Maslin, The New York Times