Biggest Loser

Wealth Management’s Biggest Losers

It's time for the client's annual portfolio review–and time to take market share, the advisers think. They know the client, a wealthy family, spreads its assets around the Street. And … Continue Reading →

WSJ Philanthropy

When It’s Time to Discuss Charity

The phone rings. Your hard-charging client says, "I sit on the board of trustees of a charity that…" What follows sounds like Charlie Brown's teacher. "Whaa-whaa-whaa." Here we go. He … Continue Reading →

Kate White

Congratulations, Kate White

Not too long ago, I spoke at a library event with my friend, Kate White. She tells great stories, which is why I'm excited to read her new novel, Eyes … Continue Reading →


Bitcoin’s Place in Wealth Management

Every financial adviser knows this story in one form or another. It is Friday afternoon, 10 minutes to the market close. Your biggest client calls with a problem. "My daughter … Continue Reading →


Back from the Beauty Parlor

Here's Lucy. What do you think?