Your Big Signing Bonus, Your 12-Year-Old Brain


This is a WSJ column that I wrote for financial advisers. I’ve quoted a business psychotherapist, who makes some really interesting observations about how people make decisions under pressure. My favorite quote from him: “The 12-year-old version of you can get you into all kinds of trouble.”

Three Tempests

Three Tempests Roiling Wealth Management


If you listen carefully, if you pause and remain very still and tilt your head at just the right angle, you might notice the calm before the storm of clients moving assets.

Russia Mailing

Top Producer Goes to Russia


This scary-looking package arrived from Russia this week. At first, I I had no idea what it was… It took me about five minutes to cut through all the wrapping with a sharp pair of scissors. But then to my surprise, I discovered the package contained my copies of the Russian language edition of Top Producer. Thank you to Eksmo, […]


Thrillerfest Best First Sentence Winner 3


In recent years Thrillerfest, which is kind of like spring break for thriller enthusiasts even though it takes place during July, has sponsored a Best First Sentence Contest. The contest is exactly what it sounds like: Write your best opening line to a novel. Seven thriller writers serve as judges. They each choose their favorite entry from a blind pool of submissions. My first sentence was one […]

"Glittery thrillers about fiscal malfeasance... his own improbably sexy genre."
~ Janet Maslin, The New York Times