Happy Veterans Day

This photo is of my dad, taken around 1958. He was a pilot during WWII (B-24), the Korean War, and Vietnam (C-141). Many thanks to everyone who has served in … Continue Reading →


Should You Tell Clients About That Bonus?

“What have I done?” That question haunted me after I moved from my old shop, a wirehouse, to the greener pastures of a new, fee-only advisory firm. I’d wake up … Continue Reading →

Stock Options

A Death-Rattle for ‘Two-and-20’ in Private Investing

IPO allocations are the pits if you are a financial adviser.  You indicate a 50,000-share interest in the new offering. Then, on the day trading begins, you may get 100 … Continue Reading →

Two and Twenty

The Client Strikes Back at Hedge Funds

The California Public Employees' Retirement System is no longer a fan of hedge funds. I never was. But our reasons aren't exactly the same. With $295 billion in assets, Calpers … Continue Reading →

Wealth Power Glory

The Lure of Wealth, Power and Glory

As my readers know, I spent much of my career in private wealth management with several of the iconic Wall Street brokerage firms. Now, in addition to my novels, I … Continue Reading →