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What Happens if My Client Gets Hacked?

Identity theft feels like a high-tech variation of the Malthusian catastrophe: This time, the growth of personal data is overwhelming our ability to protect it.

ID Theft

How to Stop Identity Thieves from Filing Taxes in Your Name

At a party this weekend, I spoke with a friend who files taxes in one of the many states that’s been breached by identity thieves. As you might guess, the bad guys grabbed his personal information, filed a 1040 with the IRS, and claimed a refund using bogus information. My friend is diligent about Internet […]


Take the Power of Attorney Test

“Mrs. Smith is here to see you,” your receptionist says. You wonder, “What’s up?” She doesn’t have an appointment, and while you know her socially, all your communication is with Mr. Smith. You hang up, rush to the lobby, and find her visibly upset. Her husband was hurt. He’s in an overseas hospital, unable to […]

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