Tales From the Dark Side of Prospecting


Whatever happened to all the cowboy stockbrokers who relied on chutzpah and grit to lasso clients? Their stories made us laugh even as we cringed at the shameless antics.  Like Prospector Cat: Years ago, a broker drove to posh neighborhoods and released his cat to roam the streets. Its collar ID said, “Call this number if you find me.” Inevitably, […]


Bicycle Love  



College Debt

Good College, Bad College  


I’m editing The Pell Heist, my novel about an art heist on a college campus outside Newport, RI. Recently, I disappeared down an Internet rabbit hole and compared student debt by college versus starting salaries.

My question: Is elitism self-propelling?

Wealth management demystified by Norb Vonnegut

Annuities Demystified in 3 Observations  


Annuities are insurance products, often used for retirement planning. They’re popular with investors who want steady income. But talk about crazy complicated…and all the forms, forms, forms. I have one fifty-page annuity application that comes with its own DVD, which, for the record, doesn’t work on a MacBook Air. That’s why I took a few minutes to sketch out what annuities are really all about…

"Glittery thrillers about fiscal malfeasance... his own improbably sexy genre."
~ Janet Maslin, The New York Times