Wealth Management 101

You know something is wrong when a streaming music company – rather than Wall Street – is improving the process for private companies that go public. That’s right. In today’s Wall Street Journal, I explain Spotify’s “direct listing” and theorize what it means to wealth management at big brokerage institutions.

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The Greatest Stock Story Ever Told

Spoiler alert: The villains in my novels all come from Yale. But my column in today’s WSJ is non-fiction…and it sure was fun to hear these wealth-management stories from Joe McNay, a great guy and non-villain from Yale’s class of 1956. Among other things, he describes what it was like to manage money for Bill and Hillary Clinton…

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Should Fiduciary Advisers Swear Off Mandatory Arbitration?

The vibe is celebratory. There are coffee, doughnuts and croissants on the side table, smiles all around the conference room. On behalf of your team, which could be inside a brokerage firm or a registered investment adviser, you push paperwork across the table to open an advisory account. Smiling, your soon-to-be client pulls out a pen and scans one of the forms. But he hesitates, and his brow furrows…

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Norb Vonnegut

Norb Vonnegut

The New York Times describes my novels as “money porn,” “a red-hot franchise,” and “glittery thrillers about fiscal malfeasance.” Through fiction I explore the dark side of money and the motivations of those who have it, want more, and will steamroll anybody who gets in their way.

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