Queensland High Heels

The Shoe Craze Sweeping Australia

Forget Jimmy Choo. Or Ugg boots for that matter. There’s a new fashion statement sweeping through Brisbane, and you saw it here first.

Leave it to the Aussies! You’ve got to admire their resiliency of spirit in the wake of the natural disasters. Continue Reading →


Australia: The Rain Just Keeps Coming Part I

Until Monday Jan 10th, everyone thought Brisbane would only get minor floods because of king tides.Then, a monster thunderstorm came up from the south west, dumped 5 inches of rain in an hour on the city of Toowoomba. Continue Reading →

BRISBANE CBD Torn Pontoons

Australia: The Rain Just Keeps Coming Part II

All this water together with the continuous rain Brisbane has been getting means that at 4.00 am thursday Jan. 13th ( about midday Wed Jan.12th NYC time) Brisbane will be flooded and it will be bad. So bad that if we had breakfast again at your hotel, we would need snorkel & flippers. Continue Reading →


More Flooding in Australia

I just received an update from Rob, the author of the email in my last post about flooding in Australia. Here’s what he had to say and the photo he sent. Continue Reading →


Queensland Floods: An Email from Australia

As you might guess, I’ve been following the Queensland floods with a mix of shock and concern. Yesterday, I received this email from a friend. He does a great job explaining the magnitude of the crisis from a personal perspective: Continue Reading →