Bad Booger Man

Barking and spraying drool everywhere. Teeth like tusks. Remember, Murphy’s about one-seventy but looks twice as heavy with all the hair. Miss West Coast jumps up on the toilet seat, dancing around in the altogether. Eliot is yelling in the shower. And I’m standing there with red-eye stockings in my hand.”

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Honey and the Goodfellas

What do you say when your dog relieves itself on the Guccis of a connected lawyer who lives across the street?

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Internet Porn

How Internet Porn Helped Me Land a Literary Agent

She didn’t buy the explanation. She concluded that I was suffering from an Internet porn addiction. And one Saturday, while I was exercising in our basement, she sneaked into my office with a zip drive and a mission. Continue Reading →

Mr. President Low Res

Who Won Last Night’s Vice Presidential Debate?

My new Grove O’Rourke thriller, Mr. President, is here today. It’s a short eBook available online at Barnes and Noble and Amazon. Here’s a short synopsis of the plot: Continue Reading →


Insider Trading: ‘Tis the Season

“Channel checks?” Phoebe wanted to help these men. They were FBI after all. But she didn’t like them. Not one bit. “I was looking for a toy. Not a television.”

“This is classic mosaic theory.”

“What’s this got to do with art projects?” she asked. “I was trying to get the skinny on helicopters.” Continue Reading →