Thriller in Progress

These days, when I'm not speaking about Mr. President or The Trust, I'm working on two projects.

The first is a non-fiction book, which reads like a corporate version of Cane and Abel. Although this time—the two men run afoul of the Department of Justice. Details to follow at a time to be determined.

I'm also researching characters for a new Grove O'Rourke thriller. You might wonder, How does somebody research fictional people?  Well, sometimes the research comes knocking. The New York Times recently interviewed Tippi Hedren for an article entitled The Revenge of Alfred Hitchcock's Muse. Her comments inspired one of the characters in my new novel … now in progress.

The working title is The Prospect, and here's a paragraph from the synopsis I submitted to my editor.

In The Prospect, Cesar González is a 21-year-old Mexican American who inherits $500 million from a man he's never met. That's not all. The circumstances that make him wealthy also give him control of a right wing "think tank" opposed to immigration. This turn of events would be nothing more than ironic. Except that a young girl is murdered, and Cesar is soon facing the death penalty. Grove O'Rourke, a NYC stockbroker, is the one person who can save the kid from lethal injection.

So there you have it. Have you seen an article on the topic of immigration that is a must-read? If so, please let me know.

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