Wow—Whom You Know!


Many, many thanks to Peachy Deegan at Whom You Know.

Peachy and her team selected The Gods of Greenwich for their celebratory 500th post in the Read This category. They absolutely raved about Jimmy Cusack's big adventure in the center of the hedge fund universe:

You can always count on Norb for new and creative ways to murder people, not literally speaking of course but in the literary sense that we love murder best.  We won't tell you who, what, when, why or how, but we will tell you where: in between the two covers of The Gods of Greenwich.  "Kicking.  Gliding.  Hunting.  Rachel rammed her syringe needle into the septuagenarian's… (p.99) You've seen quite some fates in the other two books we read…and be sure to avoid the Seagull School of Relationship Management. (p. 268)

I only have one complaint.

I wish I had known about Peachy's site while writing The Gods of Greenwich. Whom You Know is a guide to the best of everything in New York. Need information about fine wines like Screaming Eagle? Go see Peachy. Need the latest on designer flats? Go see Peachy. Need the hottest restaurants in New York City? Go see Peachy.

I'm working on another Grove O'Rourke thriller now. I'm wondering where Grove would take a 21-year-old kid—who just inherited $500 million from a man he didn't know—to dinner in Manhattan. My bet is that I'll find the answer on Whom You Know.

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~ Janet Maslin, The New York Times