And the Winner Is…


When I wrote "What's a Guy to Do?" I expected some helpful advice. And I got some. Thanks to all of my voluntary advisers. The winner of an advance copy of THE TRUST is Andrea Carla Michaels . Her advice is sound – because duct tape splits when you sit down, pins are too hard to stick down the front of my pants with shaky hands, and I can't seem to find black underwear in my size. Besides, Andrea, you know I always have a book at hand. 

Stay tuned for more real life Norb mishaps. And thanks everyone for the oh so creative ideas. Look for them in my future novels.

You can read all of the comments on my Facebook page (Norb Vonnegut Books).

Andrea Carla Michaels: "I'm thinking go with holding a strategically placed copy of your new book, front cover facing out."

Marshal Zeringue:  "Kilt. In the traditional McVonnegut plaid."

Ellen Weiss Dodson:  "No shame, as long as your undies are clean!"

Faye Hanson: "Stapler. Surely they have one you can borrow at the club should you need that fly during the evening."

Sue Vonnegut:  "I haven't seen anything posted on Facebook or YouTube that looks even remotely embarassing to you or your family, so you must have pulled off whatever you did."

James Leach: "Syms"

John L. Koenig: "Put on some black undies and go for it."

Karen Vonnegut: "Having left the world of finance a number of years ago, and now having fully embraced the freewheeling lifestyle of the literary world, I am sure you could have selected any one of your many silk/leather undergarments that would have masked the problem."

Kim Blanchette:  "electrical tape…of course most women would have had a safety pin or two in their bag!"

Greg Ermentrout: stapler. "If you had a day to spare, a call to Briggs Doherty would have been best, but in the right here, right now, I think you just staple that thing shut. (best to staple while the pants are off!)"

Anita Rotondi Rosner: "Put your pants on backwards and let your cummerbund swing low?"


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