Wall Street: “We’re No Brain Surgeons”

“But We Make More Money”

Here’s something to consider the next time that trader yells in a throaty voice, “Five million Buckeye 5 7/8′s of ’47 to go at six.”

Traders earn more money than neurosurgeons. So do I-bankers. According to Bloomberg today, the comparison isn’t even close.

Job Description Estimated Pay Source

M&A banker with 10       $2 Million       Jeanne Branthover,
years experience                          Boyden Global
                                          Executive Search

Bank oil trader          $1 Million       George Stein,
with 10 years                             Commodity Talent LLC

Corporate bond trader    $1 Million       Jeanne Branthover,
with 10 years                             Boyden Global
experience                                Executive Search

Neurosurgeon with 8-17   $571,000         Rob D’Angelo,
years experience                          Olesky Associates Inc.

Law firm partner with    $600,000         Jeffrey Lowe,
10 Years experience                       Major Lindsey & Africa

Four-star general        $185,000         Tom LaRock, Defense
with more than                            Finance and
34 years experience                       Accounting Services

Cancer researcher        $110,000 to      Rick Hennessey
with 10 years            $160,000         Commonwealth Sciences
experience                                Inc.

Aerospace engineer       $100,000         Peter Bohner,
with 5 to 10 years                        Marymont Group

This table is confusing.

Or staggering—depending on your point of view. Our government can bail out Wall Street. But Congress is still wringing its hands over universal health insurance and the affordability of doctors who don’t make half as much as the guys in the pits.

Can somebody explain this?

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