Recession, Depression, Get Used To It

Tomorrow, Stephen Kovach will guess blog on Acrimoney. Here’s what he writes about what’s in store during our lifetimes.

Given that the average life span in the U.S. is approximately eighty years, this also means that the average U.S. citizen lives approximately one-fifth of his or her life under the economic hardships typically associated with a recession, such as high unemployment, inflation, and uncertainty about the safety of the money and investments that they entrust to financial institutions, many of which fail during severe financial crises.


Tomorrow, find out why Americans will live 20 percent of their lives under economic duress.

Stephen is the CEO of InvestAlytics, LLC, a firm providing investment-decision making tools and technology to investors and investment professionals seeking current income, growth, and trading opportunities. Previously, he worked as a Wall Street consultant and advisor for 15 years at A.G. Edwards, Merrill Lynch, and Charles Schwab. Stephen earned a bachelor’s degree in Government from Harvard University, a master’s degree in Government and International Political Economy from Harvard, and an advanced degree from the University of Oxford, England. He is a member of the CFA Institute, and oversees the investment management committee at the Harvard Club of Boston.

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