Acrimoney Welcomes Anna Bernasek

On Thursday, April 15, Anna Bernasek will guest blog on Acrimoney. Her post—Top 5 Ways for Wall Street to Regain Trust—is timely to say the least. Make sure to check back and see what Anna means when she advises banks:

“Eat your own cooking.”

I met Anna in Amsterdam, where we spoke at a conference hosted by NRC Focus. Her articles about finance and the economy have appeared in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The International Herald Tribune, Fortune, TIME and Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald newspaper. She has commented on economics as a guest on broadcast media including CNN, CNBC, public television and National Public Radio.

Anna’s book, The Economics of Integrity, has received widespread acclaim. Dan Gross, senior editor  of Newsweek and author of Dumb Money, writes:

“In an era of structured finance, nanotechnology and complex business models, Anna Bernasek’s timely, valuable, and highly readable book reminds us that the economy runs on something much simpler: trust.”

Now there’s a big thought. Our financial institutions are nothing without trust. And I’m really glad Anna will discuss her insights here on Acrimoney.

Norb Vonnegut

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