What Did We Learn from Insider Trading at Galleon?

  1. Hiring a dwarf to pose as a “small-cap” analyst isn’t funny.
  2. Shredding SIM cards is more effective than biting them in half.
  3. The SEC is awake.
  4. “Octopussy” is not a James Bond movie.
  5. McKinsey & Company’s publication, “Motivating people: Getting beyond money,” is a must-read for…well…McKinsey & Company.
  6. The Tamil Tigers are not a soccer team.
  7. M&A lawyers want a piece of the action.
  8. Hiring hookers is safer—no jail time—than flirting with with former beauty queens who consult hedge funds. Right, Eliot?
  9. IBM hardware has bugs. Just ask the SEC.
  10. Perp-Walk Fashion Tip: Hoodies are out. Expandable manila folders are in.

What are the other lessons from Galleon?

Here’s the latest from The New York Times: U.S. Plans New Charge in Galleon Insider Case.

Norb Vonnegut

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