A Tribute to Sesame Street's Work on Wall Street

AKA Grover on Goldman

Grover here.

In honor of Sesame Street’s 40th birthday, Norb Vonnegut asked me to blog today as Acrimoney’s special guest. No, I’m not the fuzzy-faced puppet with blue fur and and a pink nose. I’m the hero of Top Producer, the novel about hijinks on Wall Street.

Call me “Grove.”

In the wake of 2008, it’s hard to know what to believe or whom to trust on Wall Street.

Let’s face it. Not everyone in finance is doing “God’s work,” the exact words chosen by Lloyd Blankfein to characterize his team’s mission at Goldman Sachs. It makes me wonder whether UBS—presumably on the same spiritual footing as Goldman—is also doing “God’s work” by settling with the IRS over a list of 52,000 clients.

Talk about “Masters of the Universe.”

Fortunately, there is one voice we can all trust in our discussion of financial services. And that’s Sesame Street. Who can forget their timely expose of the Bernie Madoff story? Or the clarity they brought to understanding Ponzi schemes? On this great day, I have posted the show’s groundbreaking video in celebration.

Happy Birthday, Sesame Street.

— Grove O’Rourke

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